The mission of Spectrum Integrated Solutions is to assist companies endeavoring to enter and operate in Iraq.

Since 2010 our staff of experts has been providing knowledge and expertise to companies from around the world to help them succeed in this challenging environment.

Our management team has the business relationships and industry know-how to navigate your company through the political and social challenges of doing business in Iraq.

Iraqi Customs experts

The Spectrum Difference


Iraqi Customs experts

Spectrum understands the complexities associated with entering any new marketplace. Investing and operating within the Iraqi market will require accurate information and strong, experienced representation.

Since the market rapidly changes, our experts handle all of the research and market analysis so you can focus on your business competencies. We’ll take care of the busy work.


Iraqi Customs experts

The industry of consultancy and strategic counseling for Iraq is vast, but with Spectrum solutions you’ll receive a high level of competency and industry superiority.

Each of our consultants and business representatives understands the Iraqi marketplace from the core. We will work interactively with your company and your clientele to provide you with tailor-made services and business development strategies that address your company’s specific needs in order to succeed in this new, fast-paced marketplace.


Gas and Oil in Iraq
Telecommunications in Iraq
Transportation in Iraq

At Spectrum we pride ourselves on offering our clients a one-stop industry shopping experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering our clients the support they need through our wide array of services and market research. We can take your business from the initial market entry all the way to building a national team and enabling your business’s success with our quality assurance.

Contact a representative today to get started with your customized business development and solutions.