Spectrum is a Women Owned Small Business. Formed under the law of Virginia, United States Of America in 2010. Our dedicated team is directly involved in day-to-day consulting assignments, contributing their expertise and ensuring that engagements run smoothly. We constitute a blend of bicultural and bilingual personnel that have demonstrated success in Iraq, Dubai, and the United States. With our extensive knowledge and industry expertise, our consultants and experts can help develop business strategies to integrate your company successfully. Learn more about the team at Spectrum with our brief key personnel biographies below.



Owner and Executive Director

Taif Al Jubouri founded Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2010. Ms. Al Jubouri is responsible for managing...

Taif Al Jubouri founded Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2010. Ms. Al Jubouri is responsible for managing and supervising Spectrum’s day to day operations and acts as the company business development director. As Spectrum’s client relations manager, she understands that each client’s organization has its own unique set of needs, and works diligently to ensure that those needs are met. She possesses the necessary vision to guide Spectrum’s clients in their future approaches, whether they are entering the international work place for the first time, or exploring opportunities to expand their reach in that market.

Ms. Al Jubouri brought a wealth of knowledge and experience with her when she formed Spectrum. She has proven herself to be a highly effective communications engineer and successful manager, displaying an ability to run complex organizations. Having managed a broadcasting department for the first Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial in the Middle East, her talents were a key component to the success of the switch to digital transmission from an analogue distribution system, the first switch of its kind in a non-European nation. The experience that she gained during this time has equipped her to oversee the day to day operations of Spectrum.

Ms. Al Jubouri also served as a Project Control Specialist for US forces on a multi-million USD VSAT project that lead to the implementation of the first internet project in Iraq, after 2003. Armed with the skills that she developed during this enterprise, she is now responsible for strategic planning for Spectrum. Her expertise in strategic planning is further strengthened by her past role as a Contracts Administrator and Operations Officer for one of the largest security providers to the US Government in Iraq, during which time she helped orchestrate the logistics for two contracts worth $50 million.

Ms. Al Jubouri has consistently demonstrated her ability to approach large scale projects with precision, managing to focus on the “big picture” while not losing sight of the innumerable details that demand equal attention in order to ensure the success of her clients. Her skill set in this arena has been finely honed by her time as an Office Engineer and Liaison Officer for the US Army Corp of Engineers, where she was responsible for maintaining essential services in Iraq’s International Zone. In this position, she was a primary contact between the US Embassy in Baghdad and the Iraqi Utility Services. Spectrum’s clients have gained a notable advantage by relying on her unique perspective in regards to business development, due in no small part to her background as the Business Development Director and Regional Manager in Iraq for two US companies based in Washington, DC.

Taif Al Jubouri earned her Bachelor of Science in the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq.


Director, Federal Contracts

Lieutenant Colonel Maria L Quintanilla, U.S Army (Ret.), joined Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2015, after...

Lieutenant Colonel Maria L Quintanilla, U.S Army (Ret.), joined Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2015, after serving over 25 years with the US Army. Since that time, she has been responsible for managing Spectrum’s Federal Contracts Division and business development in Iraq and the US. She brings over twenty years of strategic planning experience to Spectrum’s clients

She leaves a distinguished military career behind her. After being commissioned in 1986 through the ROTC program at the University of Oregon, LTC (Ret.) Quintanilla continued to expand her education. Her military schooling includes the Signal Officer Basic Course, Airborne School, the Signal Officer Advance Course, U.S. Army Combined Arms & Services Staff School, Command and General Staff College, the Combat Development Course, Army Force Management School and the FA50 Force Management Qualification Course. Her ability to combine multiple disciplines has made her a valuable asset to Spectrum and its clients.

LTC (Ret.) Quintanilla has displayed a strong knack for leadership, having served as the Commander of Bravo Company, 369th Signal Battalion, Ft Gordon, Georgia. She held a Command Staff position for the 59th Signal Battalion in Ft. Richardson, Alaska, where she was responsible for Battalion Operations and Training. During her time there, she rose to the position of Executive Officer. Her experiences in these positions have allowed her to gain a keen perspective in strategic planning.

LTC (Ret.) Quintanilla completed tours in Germany, Korea and Alaska. She was also deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Her exposure to the different cultural aspects involved in maintaining conducive relationships between those under her command and local entities gives her a competitive edge in facilitating Spectrum’s clients as they extend their reach into international markets.

She has shown her dedication to service throughout her military career, leading to her being awarded the Legion of Merit Medal, a Bronze Star Medal, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, a Meritorious Service Medal with four oak leaf clusters, the Army Commendation Medal with three oak leaf clusters, a Joint Service Achievement Medal and the Army Achievement Medal with four oak leaf clusters. She also earned a Parachute Badge. This commitment to excellence has followed her into the private sector, making her a strong ally to clients as they develop the long term strategies required to effectively integrate their business development in foreign territory.

LTC (Ret.) Quintanilla has Bachelor of Science Degrees in Physical Education and Biology. She also has a Master of Business Administration Degree in Military Studies.


Operations Director – Iraq

Haider Suliman joined Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2014. He is Spectrum’s IT manager, and is responsible....

Haider Suliman joined Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2014. He is Spectrum’s IT manager, and is responsible for all technology aspects for projects that involve networking, internet and CCTV. Suliman also directs Spectrum’s in-country daily operations as they pertain to government offices and agencies.

Before joining Spectrum, he applied his expertise to a variety of organizations. The International Red Cross employed him to manage their IT needs after 2003, when they funded the development of a water treatment plant in Baghdad.

Suliman held the position of IT manager for one of the largest security providers for the US Government in Iraq. During this time, he was responsible for the programming of radios, communication and tracking systems and networking devices for locations throughout Iraq. He also applied his skills to one of Iraq’s largest private internet providers, serving as the Owner and Operations Manager. His ability to address the technological challenges presented during this time allowed for the provider to facilitate the demands of various government and commercial entities.

Suliman lent his talents to one of the largest oil and gas companies in Iraq as a private contractor, implementing a system for the provision of work visas for foreign employees. His efforts helped address the needs of the company while simultaneously ensuring compliance with Iraq’s immigration services. His ability to meet and overcome the unique demands presented by each of these projects has allowed him to become a valuable resource for Spectrum’s clients as they examine their own specific IT requirements.

Haider Suliman holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology and Computer Science.


Logistics Manager

Dahlia Juburi joined Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2014. As Spectrum’s Logistics Manager, her focus....

Dahlia Juburi joined Spectrum Integrated Solutions in 2014. As Spectrum’s Logistics Manager, her focus is connecting the company’s numerous clients in Iraq with local contractors and suppliers in order to satisfy their demands for goods and services.

Prior to becoming a Spectrum team member, Ms. Juburi worked as a designer engineer for a diverse number of Iraqi organizations. She has applied her design skills to the Iraqi Railways Company, helping to develop designs for train stations and stops. Her efforts were a crucial element in the development of plans to restore Iraq’s railway infrastructure.

She has designed commercial buildings as well as residential homes, working in conjunction with an Iraqi contracting and construction firm. Her relationships with local contractors has proven to be of consistent benefit to Spectrum’s clients.

Ms. Juburi’s design skills were instrumental in the early stages of development for one of the largest residential investment communities in Iraq’s Kurdistan region, The Empire World.

She served as the Logistics Manager for one of the largest security providers to the US Government in Iraq, providing support to three large contracts. In this capacity, she was responsible for day to day operations, ensuring that hundreds of security guards were adequately supplied with food, ammunition and clothing.

Ms. Juburi’s logistical talents and design experience, combined with her associations with the local contracting community and service providers are crucial to the success of Spectrum’s clients.

Dahlia Juburi holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Degree.


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